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    Productions shot at Bavaria Filmstudios

    Feature Film (7)

    Enemy Mine1985Wolfgang PetersenIMDB Database page about Enemy Mine
    The NeverEnding Story1984Wolfgang PetersenIMDB Database page about The NeverEnding Story
    Das Boot1981Wolfgang PetersenIMDB Database page about Das Boot
    Cabaret1972Bob FosseIMDB Database page about Cabaret
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory1971Mel StuartIMDB Database page about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    The Great Escape1963John SturgesIMDB Database page about The Great Escape
    Paths of Glory1957Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about Paths of Glory


    1919 On January 1, Peter Ostermayr’s company “Münchner Lichtspielkunst GmbH” is converted into the “Münchner Lichtspielkunst AG (M.L.K.)” with the assistance of the Bavarian Trade Bank. It is provided with the unusually high capital of two million Marks.

    1920  The first film made in the glass workshop at Geiselgasteig is DER OCHSENKRIEG based on the novel by Ludwig Ganghofer. Peter Ostermayr’s brother Franz, who calls himself Franz Osten as a producer, directs the film. Franz Planer is the cameraman.
    On May 1, production companies, a further hire company and a cinema are affiliated to the Münchner Lichtspielkunst AG. The Emelka group is born. The share capital is increased to 10 million Marks. The foundation of the group is to be understood as a reaction to the Universum-Film AG (Ufa) founded in Berlin in December 1917, following General Ludendorff’s wish for “standardisation of the German film industry”.

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