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    Welcome to the beginnings of a site about Elstree Film Studios. The location has been used for movie / TV production since 1925.

    Film Studios at Elstree
    Elstree was a major centre for film production from the early days of cinema. There’s a great deal of confusion about which studios at Elstree were used for which movies / TV shows.
    This section covers Elstree Film Studios (also known as Shenley Road Studios, British International Pictures, Associated British Pictures, EMI Elstree Studios, Goldcrest Elstree Studios, Cannon Elstree Studios, Elstree Film & TV Studios)

    Other Elstree Studios;

    • BBC Elstree Centre (also known as Clarendon Road Studios, Neptune Studios, Rock Studios, National Studios, ATV Studios, Central TV Studios).
    • Millenium Studios
    • Gate Studios (also known as Station Road Studios)
    • Danziger Studios (also known as New Elstree Studios)
    • MGM Borehamwood (also known as Elstree Way Studios)

    Despite reducing the studio size by more than half in the late 1980s, Elstree is still a powerhouse of British film and TV production. A Tesco superstore was built on the former studio property in 1991.

    Elstree Studios – History

    After having seen the Neptune Studio operation (now the BBC Elstree Centre) which opened in 1914, the young British film producer Herbert Wilcox and a Hollywood producer J.D.Williams began building on a site just over the road from Neptune Studios.

    The first feature at the newly christened Elstree Studios (although they were built in Borehamwood) was Madame Pompadour, starring Dorothy Gish, released in 1927.
    The facility fell into the hands of Scottish cinema owner John Maxwell after a disagreement with the original investors and Wilcox & Williams. Maxwell named the studio British International Pictures (BIP) and signed up new talent including Alfred Hitchcock, while investing heavily in expanding the facilities. One of the admin buildings is named after Maxwell in recognition of his place in studio history. Maxwell’s first production The White Sheik was produced in 1927 and released just before Madame Pompadour

    Blackmail, being directed by Alfred Hitchcock at Elstree, became the first British film with sound (using the sound on film process). Following the success of The Jazz Singer in the US, silent sequences that had already been shot were discarded and reshot with sound.

    February – Several sound stages and admin buildings are destroyed by a fire.

    The studio goes dark during the war years, and is used as an ordnance depot and a garrison theatre. John Maxwell died during the war, and his widow sold a large number of his shares to Warner Bros who agreed to rebuild the facility during 1946/47. 
    After the reopening, the studio is known as Associated British Picture Corporation.

    March – The Queen and Princess Margaret pay a visit to the set of The Magic Box and meet Robert Donat and Maria Schell.

    The studio takes on more TV production as cinema audiences decline, including The Saint and The Avengers.

    Thorn EMI takes over the studios, and appoint Bryan Forbes as Head of Production.
    Financial problems continue, and the studio moves to a rental-only facility, where productions simply rent the empty stages, and provide all their own staff. EMI fails to inject enough money into the studios, and Bryan Forbes resigns, after greenlighting movies such as The Railway Children.

    George Lucas chooses Elstree to be the production base for Star Wars. Both the sequels also shot here, and he invited Steven Spielberg to also use the studios for Raiders of the Lost Ark and it’s Indiana Jones sequels.
    As the studio is once again profitable, a new large silent stage is built.

    Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is shot at Elstree, with all interior scenes of The Overlook Hotel filmed on soundstages.

    Thorn EMI decides to sell the studio, and it’s purchased by Cannon who sold off the film library and produced Superman IV. After financial problems hit the company, they put the studio up for sale, and George Walker of Brent Walker buys it after a successful campaign by local volunteers called Save Our Studio (SOS).
    Walker bought the site as a development opportunity and gained permission from Hertsmere Council to demolish much of the facility and sell 12 acres to Tesco provided they retained and rebuilt the remaining 15 acres as a viable, modern studio.
    With a general recession kicking in and Brent Walker owing £1,500 million pounds to 48 banks it was obvious things would not going to plan so the SOS Chairman Paul Welsh re-launched the campaign and for 5 years Elstree limped on until actor Tom Conti remarked ” the facility is worse than you would expect to find in a third world country.”

    Brent Walker closed the Studio for production with just one or two tenants hanging on. Equipment was sold off, generators removed, flat roofs allowed to leak and heating switched off.

    For 3 years the Studio remained moribund until Hertsmere Council took Brent Walker to court and won an amazing victory, which resulted in the historic facility coming under the ownership of the Council.

    Stages 1 & 2 were completed in 1999. George Lucas used the stages during the filming of the Star Wars Trilogy, and welcomed the opportunity to name stage 1 the George Lucas Stage. The stages were opened by HRH Prince Charles.
    Source: http://www.elstreefilmstudios.co.uk/studiohistory.aspx
    With thanks to Paul Welsh
    Elstree Studios Historian

    Elstree Studios Facilities

    Stages 1 & 2
    These state of the art sound stages were completed in 1999. George Lucas used Stages 1 and 2 during the filming of the Star Wars Trilogy and welcomed the opportunity of naming Stage 1 the George Lucas Stage. With a height of 15m these stages are ideal for larger set builds, tour rehearsals and productions requiring top quality facilities. Area – 1465sqm. (15,770 sq ft.)
    Size – 41.275m x 35.500m (135ft. 6ins x 116ft. 6ins)
    Height – 15m (49ft.)

    Stage 5
    Silent Stage 5 provides an excellent non sound sync stage with good entry and access plus associated offices
    Area – 503sqm (5,500 sq ft.)
    Size – 28.956m x 17.373m (95ft x 57ft)
    Height – 7.625m (25 ft)

    Stage 6
    Area – 357.096sqm (3,844 sq ft)
    Size – 18.897m x 18.897m (62ft x 62ft)
    Height – 7.625m (25ft)
    Sound stage 6 is a television studio with a laser levelled resin floor, production gallery and associated green rooms, wardrobe area and workshop.

    Stage 7
    Area – 462sqm (4980 sq ft)
    Size – 23.6m x 19.6m (77ft. 6ins x 64ft. 3ins)
    Height – 9.8m (32ft)
    Sound stage 7 is a television studio with a laser levelled resin television floor.

    Stage 8
    Area – 700sqm (7,550 sq ft)
    Size – 29.7m x 23.6m (97ft. 6ins x 77ft. 6ins)
    Height – 9.8m (32ft)
    Sound stage 8 is an all purpose studio for both film and television work incorporating a 9 ft. deep water tank.

    Stage 9
    Area – 700sqm (7,550 sq ft)
    Size – 29.7m x 23.6m (97ft. 6ins x 77ft. 6ins)
    Height – 9.8m (32ft)
    Sound stage 9 is an all purpose studio for both film and television work incorporating a 9 ft. deep water tank. Production offices are located between the stages at first floor level overlooking the stage with an external walkway leading down to the studio.

    Productions shot at Elstree Studios

    Feature Film (163)

    Paddington2014Paul KingIMDB Database page about Paddington
    The World's End / The Worlds End2013Edgar WrightIMDB Database page about The World
    World War Z2013Marc ForsterIMDB Database page about World War Z
    Comes A Bright Day2012Simon AboudIMDB Database page about Comes A Bright Day
    Hyde Park on Hudson2012Roger MichellIMDB Database page about Hyde Park on Hudson
    Jack the Giant Killer2012Bryan SingerIMDB Database page about Jack the Giant Killer
    Under the Skin2012Jonathan GlazerIMDB Database page about Under the Skin
    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011Guy RitchieIMDB Database page about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
    221B Baker Street interior of Holmes's Apartment
    The Veteran2011Matthew HopeIMDB Database page about The Veteran
    X-Men: First Class2011Matthew VaughnIMDB Database page about X-Men: First Class
    Bonded by Blood2010Sacha BennettIMDB Database page about Bonded by Blood
    Devil's Playground2010Mark McQueenIMDB Database page about Devil
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)2010David YatesIMDB Database page about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
    Kick-Ass / Kick Ass2010Matthew VaughanIMDB Database page about Kick-Ass / Kick Ass
    The first sequence featuring Big Daddy was shot in a sewage plant in East London.
    The interior police station was filmed on the 1st floor of the Enigma Building at Elstree.
    George Lucas Stage (Stages 1 & 2)
    No Ordinary Trifle2010James HackingIMDB Database page about No Ordinary Trifle
    Reuniting the Rubins2010Yoav FactorIMDB Database page about Reuniting the Rubins
    Sus2010Robert HeathIMDB Database page about Sus
    The King's Speech2010Tom HooperIMDB Database page about The King
    44 Inch Chest2009Malcolm VenvilleIMDB Database page about 44 Inch Chest
    Bright Star2009Jane CampionIMDB Database page about Bright Star
    Exam2009Stuart HazeldineIMDB Database page about Exam
    Harry Brown2009Daniel BarberIMDB Database page about Harry Brown
    Is Anybody There?2008John CrowleyIMDB Database page about Is Anybody There?
    Made of Honor / Made of Honour2008Paul WeilandIMDB Database page about Made of Honor / Made of Honour
    My Zinc Bed2008Anthony PageIMDB Database page about My Zinc Bed
    Shifty2008Eran CreevyIMDB Database page about Shifty
    The Other Boleyn Girl2008Justin ChadwickIMDB Database page about The Other Boleyn Girl
    Wild Child2008Nick MooreIMDB Database page about Wild Child
    14082007Mikael Håfstr?mIMDB Database page about 1408
    The axe the fireman uses to break down the hotel door at the end of 1408 is the same axe that Jack Nicholson used in The Shining (1980). Both movies were shot at Elstree Studios.
    Goal II: Living the Dream2007Jaume Collet-SerraIMDB Database page about Goal II: Living the Dream
    Hot Fuzz2007Edgar WrightIMDB Database page about Hot Fuzz
    Son of Rambow2007Garth JenningsIMDB Database page about Son of Rambow
    Amazing Grace2006Michael AptedIMDB Database page about Amazing Grace
    Breaking and Entering2006Anthony MinghellaIMDB Database page about Breaking and Entering
    Flyboys2006Tony BillIMDB Database page about Flyboys
    Miss Potter2006Chris NoonanIMDB Database page about Miss Potter
    Notes on a Scandal2006Richard EyreIMDB Database page about Notes on a Scandal
    Sixty Six2006Paul WeilandIMDB Database page about Sixty Six
    The Good Shepherd2006Robert De NiroIMDB Database page about The Good Shepherd
    Bleak House2005VariousIMDB Database page about Bleak House
    Color Me Kubrick2005Brian W. CookIMDB Database page about Color Me Kubrick
    Derailed2005Mikael H?fstr?mIMDB Database page about Derailed
    Goal!2005Danny CannonIMDB Database page about Goal!
    Proof2005John MaddenIMDB Database page about Proof
    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith2005George LucasIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy2005Garth JenningsIMDB Database page about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London2004Kevin AllenIMDB Database page about Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
    American Daylight2004Roger ChristianIMDB Database page about American Daylight
    Closer2004Mike NicholsIMDB Database page about Closer
    De-Lovely2004Irwin WinklerIMDB Database page about De-Lovely
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow2004Kerry ConranIMDB Database page about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    Trauma2004Marc EvansIMDB Database page about Trauma
    Ashes and Sand2003Bob BlagdenIMDB Database page about Ashes and Sand
    Shanghai Knights2003David DobkinIMDB Database page about Shanghai Knights
    Wondrous Oblivion2003Paul MorrisonIMDB Database page about Wondrous Oblivion
    Nicholas Nickleby2002Douglas McGrathIMDB Database page about Nicholas Nickleby
    Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack Of The Clones2002George LucasIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack Of The Clones
    Enigma2001Michael AptedIMDB Database page about Enigma
    Gangster No. 1 2000Paul McGuiganIMDB Database page about Gangster No. 1
    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace1999George LucasIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover1989Peter GreenawayIMDB Database page about The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Willow1988Ron HowardIMDB Database page about Willow
    Principal photography took place between April 2, 1987 and October 1987. Interiors were shot at Elstree, with exteriors shot on a variety of locations in the USA and elsewhere.
    Clockwise1986Christopher MorahanIMDB Database page about Clockwise
    Haunted Honeymoon1986Gene WilderIMDB Database page about Haunted Honeymoon
    Labyrinth1986Jim HensonIMDB Database page about Labyrinth
    Principal photography began April 15, 1985 at Elstree and wrapped September 8 1985. Pre-production lasted around 18 months before this, at Jim Hensons Creature Shop.
    The huge Goblin City set was built on Stage 6 at Elstree, along with the largest panoramic background ever painted (at the time).
    Lifeforce1985Tobe HooperIMDB Database page about Lifeforce
    Return to Oz1985Walter MurchIMDB Database page about Return to Oz
    The mirrored throne room set cost $352,500 and the overall budget was $25 million.
    Young Sherlock Holmes1985Barry LevinsonIMDB Database page about Young Sherlock Holmes
    Give My Regards to Broad Street1984Peter WebbIMDB Database page about Give My Regards to Broad Street
    Sequence featuring Paul McCartney arriving at the Thorn EMI Elstree Studios, with shots of the exterior of soundstages, gatehouse etc, along with an internal corridor and soundstage.
    Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes1984Hugh HudsonIMDB Database page about Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Eureka1983Nicolas RoegIMDB Database page about Eureka
    Never Say Never Again1983Irvin KershnerIMDB Database page about Never Say Never Again
    Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983Richard MarquandIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
    The Meaning of Life1983Terry JonesIMDB Database page about The Meaning of Life
    The Boys in Blue1982Val GuestIMDB Database page about The Boys in Blue
    The Dark Crystal1982Jim Henson, Frank OzIMDB Database page about The Dark Crystal
    Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Raiders of the Lost Ark
    The opening sequence featuring Indy's escape from the boulder was shot on Stage 4.
    It's claimed that some snakes escaped from the Well of Souls set at Elstree and have established a small colony among the dark soundstages.
    The Great Muppet Caper1981Jim HensonIMDB Database page about The Great Muppet Caper
    Flash Gordon1980Mike HodgesIMDB Database page about Flash Gordon
    George and Mildred1980Peter Frazer-JonesIMDB Database page about George and Mildred
    Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980Irvin KershnerIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    The Shining1980Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about The Shining
    The Colorado Lounge hotel foyer was built on Stage 03. The snowy maze interior was built on Stage 01 at Elstree Studios. The apartment was built on Stage 08 and Stage 09. The playroom and then toilet sets were built in the Elstree Workshops as all of the soundstages were used. Corridors were constructed to link the soundstages up so that continuous shots were possible between stages.
    Murder by Decree1979Bob ClarkIMDB Database page about Murder by Decree
    Quadrophenia1979Franc RoddamIMDB Database page about Quadrophenia
    Are You Being Served?1977Bob KellettIMDB Database page about Are You Being Served?
    Julia1977Fred ZinnemanIMDB Database page about Julia
    Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope1977George LucasIMDB Database page about Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
    The bulk of the film was shot at Elstree apart from three specific scenes which overflowed into Shepperton.
    Valentino1977Ken RussellIMDB Database page about Valentino
    The Likely Lads1976Michael TuchnerIMDB Database page about The Likely Lads
    To the Devil a Daughter1976Peter SykesIMDB Database page about To the Devil a Daughter
    Voyage of the Damned1976Stuart RosenbergIMDB Database page about Voyage of the Damned
    One of our Dinosaurs Is Missing1975Robert StevensonIMDB Database page about One of our Dinosaurs Is Missing
    Interiors filmed at EMI Elstree Studios
    Man About the House1974John RobinsIMDB Database page about Man About the House
    Murder on the Orient Express1974Sidney LumetIMDB Database page about Murder on the Orient Express
    All interior shots of the train were filmed at Elstree Studios.
    The Dove1974Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about The Dove
    The outdoor water tank was used for some shots, alongside a large amount of location shooting.
    The Maids1974Christopher MilesIMDB Database page about The Maids
    Father Dear Father1973William G. StewartIMDB Database page about Father Dear Father
    Holiday on the Buses1973Bryan IzzardIMDB Database page about Holiday on the Buses
    Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall1972Norman CohenIMDB Database page about Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall
    For the Love of Ada1972Ronnie BaxterIMDB Database page about For the Love of Ada
    Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde1971Roy Ward BakerIMDB Database page about Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde
    Get Carter1971Mike HodgesIMDB Database page about Get Carter
    The Boy Friend (aka The Boyfriend)1971Ken RussellIMDB Database page about The Boy Friend (aka The Boyfriend)
    Stage 02
    Crescendo1970Alan GibsonIMDB Database page about Crescendo
    Railway Children, The1970Lionel JeffriesIMDB Database page about Railway Children, The
    The Man Who Haunted Himself1970Basil DeardenIMDB Database page about The Man Who Haunted Himself
    Doppelganger / Journey to the Far Side of the Sun1969Robert ParrishIMDB Database page about Doppelganger / Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
    Devil Rides Out, The1968Terence FisherIMDB Database page about Devil Rides Out, The
    Production began on 7 August 1967 at Elstree. One of the only Hammer Horrors not to be based at Bray Studios.
    Secret Ceremony1968Joseph LoseyIMDB Database page about Secret Ceremony
    Dance of the Vampires (aka Fearless Vampire Killers)1967Roman PolanskiIMDB Database page about Dance of the Vampires (aka Fearless Vampire Killers)
    Vampire Ballroom scene
    She1965Robert DayIMDB Database page about She
    The Nanny1965Seth HoltIMDB Database page about The Nanny
    Crooks in Cloisters1964Jeremy SummersIMDB Database page about Crooks in Cloisters
    Rattle of a Simple Man1964Muriel BoxIMDB Database page about Rattle of a Simple Man
    The Bargee1964Duncan WoodIMDB Database page about The Bargee
    The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb1964Michael CarrerasIMDB Database page about The Curse of the Mummy
    Wonderful Life1964Sidney J. FurieIMDB Database page about Wonderful Life
    Summer Holiday1963Peter YatesIMDB Database page about Summer Holiday
    Lolita1962Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about Lolita
    Naked Edge, The1961Michael AndersonIMDB Database page about Naked Edge, The
    The Guns of Navarone1961J.Lee ThompsonIMDB Database page about The Guns of Navarone
    The outdoor water tank was used extensively.
    The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone1961Jos? QuinteroIMDB Database page about The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
    The Young Ones1961Sidney J. FurieIMDB Database page about The Young Ones
    School for Scoundrels1960Robert HamerIMDB Database page about School for Scoundrels
    The Sundowners1960Fred ZinnemannIMDB Database page about The Sundowners
    The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll1960Terence FisherIMDB Database page about The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
    Devil's Disciple, The1959Guy HamiltonIMDB Database page about Devil
    Tommy the Toreador1959John Paddy CarstairsIMDB Database page about Tommy the Toreador
    Ice Cold in Alex1958J. Lee ThompsonIMDB Database page about Ice Cold in Alex
    Ice-Cold in Alex1958J. Lee ThompsonIMDB Database page about Ice-Cold in Alex
    Tarzan and the Lost Safari1957H. Bruce HumberstoneIMDB Database page about Tarzan and the Lost Safari
    These Dangerous Years1957Herbert WilcoxIMDB Database page about These Dangerous Years
    Around the World in Eighty Days1956Michael AndersonIMDB Database page about Around the World in Eighty Days
    interiors: London Lloyd's office, club, Hesketh-Baggott's office of employment
    Moby Dick1956John HustonIMDB Database page about Moby Dick
    The water tank on the Elstree backlot was constructed for this movie, and featured extensively. The current Big Brother house is built on top of the old tank.
    The Dam Busters1955Michael AndersonIMDB Database page about The Dam Busters
    Duel in the Jungle1954George MarshallIMDB Database page about Duel in the Jungle
    140 feet of the Zambezi River was built under an iron roof at Elstree Studios, bordered on one side by "jungle". The water was heated to 70 degrees, and was kept moving by two 10 foot electric paddles at the end of the 150 tank.
    Happy Ever After1954Mario ZampiIMDB Database page about Happy Ever After
    Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue1954Harold FrenchIMDB Database page about Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue
    The Yellow Balloon1953J. Lee ThompsonIMDB Database page about The Yellow Balloon
    Angels One Five1952George More O'FerrallIMDB Database page about Angels One Five
    Where's Charley1952David ButlerIMDB Database page about Where
    Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.1951Raoul WalshIMDB Database page about Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
    Happy Go Lovely1951H. Bruce HumberstoneIMDB Database page about Happy Go Lovely
    Laughter in Paradise1951Mario ZampiIMDB Database page about Laughter in Paradise
    The Magic Box1951John BoultingIMDB Database page about The Magic Box
    Stage Fright1950Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Stage Fright
    The Dancing Years1950Harold FrenchIMDB Database page about The Dancing Years
    Jamaica Inn1939Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Jamaica Inn
    This'll Make You Whistle1938Herbert WilcoxIMDB Database page about This
    Juno and the Paycock1930Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Juno and the Paycock
    Atlantic1929Ewald André DupontIMDB Database page about Atlantic
    Blackmail1929Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Blackmail
    Piccadilly1929E.A. DuPontIMDB Database page about Piccadilly
    The Flying Scotsman1929Castleton KnightIMDB Database page about The Flying Scotsman
    The Manxman1929Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about The Manxman
    Champagne1928Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Champagne
    Moulin Rouge1928Ewald André DupontIMDB Database page about Moulin Rouge
    The Farmer's Wife1928Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about The Farmer
    Madame Pompadour1927Herbert WilcoxIMDB Database page about Madame Pompadour
    The Ring1927Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about The Ring

    TV Series (20)

    The Voice UK2012IMDB Database page about The Voice UK
    Live shows broadcast from the George Lucas Stage
    Murderland2009IMDB Database page about Murderland
    Lewis2007-2012VariousIMDB Database page about Lewis
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl2007-2011Lucy PrebbleIMDB Database page about Secret Diary of a Call Girl
    Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old2007 - 2009IMDB Database page about Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old
    Gigglebiz2007IMDB Database page about Gigglebiz
    Dancing on Ice2006 - VariousIMDB Database page about Dancing on Ice
    Stage 2 of the George Lucas Stage.
    Big Brother (UK)2000 - 2012VariousIMDB Database page about Big Brother (UK)
    The first two series of Big Brother were produced at 3 Mills Studio in Bow, East London. From Series Three onwards, the show was based at Elstree Studios. The main Big Brother house was built on top of the exterior water tank on the backlot. The show also used Stage 1 of the George Lucas Stage complex.
    The Vice1999-2003Rob Pursey, Barry SimnerIMDB Database page about The Vice
    Wives and Daughters 1999VariousIMDB Database page about Wives and Daughters
    Who Wants to be a Millionaire1998 - VariousIMDB Database page about Who Wants to be a Millionaire
    The top rated quiz show moved to Elstree Studios in 1998. Before this it was filmed at Wembley Park Studios. The show has been based exclusively in Stage 9 at Elstree since 2002.
    Drop the Dead Donkey1990 - 1998VariousIMDB Database page about Drop the Dead Donkey
    Birds of a Feather1989-1998Maurice Gran, Laurence MarksIMDB Database page about Birds of a Feather
    Storyteller, The1988VariousIMDB Database page about Storyteller, The
    The Storyteller1987Jim HensonIMDB Database page about The Storyteller
    Eastenders1985 - VariousIMDB Database page about Eastenders
    The Queen Vic interior fire scenes were shot on Stage 1 of the George Lucas Stage (September 2010). The show is mostly filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre (a short walk away from the Elstree Film Studios), but for these key scenes, the higher roof and increased space were necessary.
    The Shillingbury Tales1981VariousIMDB Database page about The Shillingbury Tales
    The Saint1962-1969VariousIMDB Database page about The Saint
    Sir Francis Drake1961VariousIMDB Database page about Sir Francis Drake
    The Avengers1961VariousIMDB Database page about The Avengers

    Commercial (1)

    EE: Kevin Bacon2012Ringan Ledwidge
    Saatchi & Saatchi campaign. Interiors shot on George Lucas Stage 1 at Elstree.

    Music Video (11)

    One Direction: Kiss You2013Vaughan Arnell
    George Lucas Stage
    Emeli Sandé - Next To Me2012Charles Mehling
    George Lucas Stage 01
    Little Mix: Wings2012
    Stage 08
    Matt Cardle: Amazing2012Sean de Sparengo
    Katie Melua: The Flood2010Kevin Godley
    MiMi: Don't You Mourn The Sun2010Richard Stow
    Muse: Undisclosed Desires2009Jonas et Francois
    Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder: Ebony and Ivory1982Keith McMillan
    Paul McCartney: London Town1978Michael Lindsay-Hogg
    Paul McCartney & Wings: Mull of Kintyre (Version 3)1977Nicholas Ferguson
    Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody1975Bruce Gowers
    Recorded on 10 November 1975 at Elstree where the band were rehearsing for a tour, by a company called Trilion who supplied sports coverage for ITV. The cameraman was Barry Dodd and assistant director/floor manager Jim McCutcheon.

    TV Movie (7)

    Dustbin Baby2008Juliet MayIMDB Database page about Dustbin Baby
    Planespotting2005Christopher MenaulIMDB Database page about Planespotting
    Margery and Gladys2003Geoffrey SaxIMDB Database page about Margery and Gladys
    The Lost Prince2003Stephen PoliakoffIMDB Database page about The Lost Prince
    Dead Gorgeous2002Sarah HardingIMDB Database page about Dead Gorgeous
    Duel of Hearts1991John HoughIMDB Database page about Duel of Hearts
    A Ghost in Monte Carlo1990John HoughIMDB Database page about A Ghost in Monte Carlo

    Web Serial (1)

    Girl Number 92009James Moran, Dan TurnerIMDB Database page about Girl Number 9

    More Information

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